Contemporary Istanbul Foundation presents Night of the World, a solo exhibition by photographer, screenwriter, and actress Ebru Ceylan.

Contemporary Istanbul Foundation (CIF) is delighted to present Night of the World, a solo exhibition by photographer and screenwriter Ebru Ceylan. The show will take place in the Cocoon art space in Fişekhane and will run from June 29 to July 29, 2022.


Inspired by a text from The Phenomenology of Spirit, the seminal work of German philosopher G. W. F. Hegel, the show is comprised of a selection of photographs taken by Ceylan over the past two years. The title of the exhibition refers to a “void” conceptualized through the metaphor of the “night,” which is assumed to precede ontology and the concept of being. The series of black and white photographs of nature evoke the poetic language of the “night” metaphor in Hegel’s text. The “night,” which inspired the artist, is where everything is happening, where everything is incomplete and waiting to be filled. In her exhibition, Ceylan aims to show us the close relationship between the open-ended nature of the philosophical text and fundamental questions about the nature of art. “The night of the world” is a potential space that allows all kinds of existence, where the artist can create herself and her world out of nothing and finally fill that desired void with herself.