At First Sight & VIP Preview : 22 - 23 October, 2024
General Admission : 24 - 27 October, 2024


Price Upon Request


3.30 m hardwood panel walls, 30w Led Wallwasher for every 3 sqm, signage, free Wi-Fi access, access to the VIP program and VIP Vernissage invitation (will be issued according to the relative booth size), marketing materials and digital fair catalogue.


A marketing fee of $350 will be charged upon signing the participation agreement for Contemporary Istanbul 2024.


Exhibitor application form and all supporting documents and images must be submitted by e-mail to [email protected]; or Head of Exhibitor Relations; Eda Ozdoyuran: [email protected]

Applicant is required to submit the following with this application:

List of artist(s) to be shown at the fair.

Min. 5 JPEG images of works proposed for exhibition as separate file in the following format.
File Type: JPEG, Resolution: 300 dpi, Image size: Maximum 700 pixels in height or width.

*Applications will only be reviewed for evaluation by the CI Selection Committee if all above mentioned requirements are met.

General Information
Gallery Information
Please seperate with comma like: Artist1, Artist2
Approximate booth dimensions and pricing: Please indicate your approximate booth size desired below:*
*Limited number of booths available Contemporary Istanbul does not guarantee requested booth placements, and reserves the right to make changes in booth assignments at up to 1 month prior to the fair.


1. This Exhibitor Application (this ‘Agreement’), completed in its entirety and accompanied by the requested information and materials, constitutes an application for exhibition space in Contemporary Istanbul 2024. It is subject to review and approval by Contemporary Istanbul Fair Management. All applications will be accepted or declined at the sole discretion of Contemporary Istanbul by no later than June 1, 2024.

2. The proposed artist(s) exhibitions at Contemporary Istanbul 2024, is subject to evaluation by the fair’s Selection Committee. Upon signing of the Participation Agreement with the approved list of artist(s), the exhibitor is prohibited to add or remove artist(s) from the initial list, without written consent of CI Selection Committee. The exhibitor will be held responsible for abiding by the exhibition proposal and the booth layout they submitted unless changes are communicated with and confirmed by the Fair Management and Selection Committee. Clear communication between the Fair Management and Exhibitors ensures the preservation of an aesthetic standard during the fair. The exhibitor who is selected and agrees to participate shall be deemed to have accepted this condition.

3. Contemporary Istanbul is not liable for any losses/damages occurring on the premises. Exhibitors are suggested to insure their own artworks and other necessary valuables in their booth.

4. The exhibitor will be asked to pay 30% of their total balance within 7 days of official acceptance. The remainder of the balance shall be paid in the next 60 days. The exhibitor will also be asked to provide a valid credit card as a guarantee.

5. All personal data used in this post are being kept and protected with its owner’s open consent, in accordance with our company’s Data Policy and Personal Data Protection Law numbered 6698 and other related regulation.

This application form is not a final contract. This agreement shall not take effect and there shall be no obligation by either party unless it is co-signed by Contemporary Istanbul. Accepted applications will be approved via Contemporary Istanbul’s approval letter after the Selection Committee’s decision process is finalized by June 2024.

I HAVE READ THIS FORM ON BEHALF OF EXHIBITOR IN ITS ENTIRETY, including the rules and conditions of participation, and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions herein.