Founded in 2010 with thematic exhibitions specifically designed for the Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, Galeri 77 brought their art center in Karaköy to completion in 2012 and transformed  it into an institutional art gallery.

The primary purpose of Galeri 77 is to contribute to the creation, exhibition, and bringing to a wider audience of new, different,, and original works of art, and at the same time to assist academic research with the artist catalogs and books prepared by the gallery. Acting as a meticulous collector for this very purpose, Galeri 77 offers a refined sense of art in selectingselecting artists and artworks.

Possessing an extensive collection of works made by both local and foreign artists in its geography and immediate surroundings, Galeri 77 acts with the primary goal of hosting the promotion of international and regional art, supporting and contributing to interdisciplinary cultural exchange.

Galeri 77 is conceived as an interdisciplinary space where creative and original works are exhibited, discussions on art are held and various contemporary trends are shaped, with the guiding principle of hosting its visitors in a comfortable environment full of art in Karaköy, an ascending neighborhood in the cultural life of Istanbul.


Hacımimi Mah. Necatibey Cad. Sakızcılar Sok. No: 1/E Karaköy 34425 Beyoğlu https://www.galeri77.com/