One of CI Bloom’s main objectives is to get people more familiar with digital art and emerging forms of collecting. Therefore, special attention was devoted to the topic of NFT. A two-day event brought together Turkish and international experts and collectors who talked about the legal, financial, and cultural aspects of NFTs.

Curated by MoCDA (Museum of Contemporary Digital Art) and creatively directed by ha:ar, Digital Horizons: The New State of the Art exhibition featured 20 NFTs selected in collaboration with international art collectors. Reflecting the state of contemporary digital art, the show looked at the pivotal roles played by Collectibles and Fine Art NFTs in understanding and popularization of digital art collecting. Visitors could see works by Beeple, XCopy, PAK, Damien Hirst, Sofia Crespo, Larva Labs, Mario Klingemann, and BayC. The exhibition was supported by Paribu and LG OLED.