Gallery Sconici yearned to create a space where art could flourish, captivating the souls of enthusiasts and inspiring creativity in all who visited. Driven by Sconici's belief, he curated a collection that celebrated the diversity and beauty of artistic expression. From awe-inspiring paintings to mesmerizing sculptures of italian and european masters from XVI to XX century, each piece carefully selected, spoke to the depths of human emotion and captivated the imagination. In 1977, Sconci Gallery was born. Year after year, its art experiences spread far and wide: It became a cultural destination, drawing art connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike to its doors. The gallery’s reputation for fostering meaningful connections between artists and appreciators of art flourished, creating a vibrant community.


Gate Village 03, Podium Level Dubai, United Arab Emirates / Bldg 8 – 1st Floor, 107 Dubai, United Arab Emirates +971 4 589 6513 [email protected] https://www.sconcigallery.net/