FURIOSA opened its doors in April 2021 with a fresh “neighborhood gallery” concept. The central objective is to attract young people from CDMX to the art world, creating new collectors through a proposal that tries to remove the elements that intimidate "newcomers". The space is unpretentious, the main space is open to the street in one of the most emblematic avenues of the Roma neighborhood, Durango. The two founders are always there to attend to all the curious people coming in with a cool laid back attitude but without losing focus on the project's ambition that brings top-level artists and curatorship.

The name, FURIOSA, is the central aesthetic concept; It is an art that is visually justified and does not need museography or poetic explanations, it is the sharpest edge of the cosmopolitan visual language of Mexico City, with visceral, power, and indisputable roots in the global "counterculture".

The solid result of our exhibitions comes from an experimental and collaborative method that starts in the studio, from scratch, leveraging the artist's process with the "ethos" of the gallery.

Only 28 months old [August 2023], FURIOSA has presented 17 artists in 15 exhibitions; 12 local and 3 international shows. The project has had an excellent response, managing to place work in private and institutional collections across the 5 continents and in every major city.