Karpuchina Gallery is a private commercial gallery based in Prague. A complex biotope with a high level of artworks to fish for.

Karpuchina Gallery presents a carefully curated and diverse program with a progressive approach to each exhibition. The aim of the gallery is to foster the connection and engagement between contemporary art and the public and to present works by both emerging and established artists always in  innovative visual language and in new, up to date contexts. The main 260m2 exhibition space of Karpuchina Gallery is located in the historical city center, in Rybná (Fish) Street. Additionally, KG has two more rhizome spaces: KG Aquarium- window gallery for young artists and KG Gate, dedicated to digital media arts, both also located in the center of Prague. Aside from the local agenda, the gallery actively participates in international affairs, with the purpose of bridging Czech art with the international art community and establishing gallery's featured artists in the broader ambience.  

Sometimes you aim for a high number; sometimes, it is about waiting patiently for the right one. Whether you are an aquatic enthusiast, an experienced fisherman, or at the beginning of your fishing journey - know that the good things come to those who capture them. Karpuchina Gallery is here to guide you with years of experience in fresh and salt waters and numerous extraordinary catches. Our mission is encapsulated in the words of Charles Waterman: “Most of the world is covered by water- art. A  fisherman's- gallerist's job is simple: Pick out the best catch.” 



Karpuchina Gallery Rybná 22, Praha 1, 110 00 +420 720 500 522 [email protected] https://karpuchina.gallery/en