Lazy Mike gallery was founded in 2018 by Mikhail Ovcharenko and Tatiana Melnikova. For three years the gallery organized local and international pop-up shows. In 2020 the gallery opened its space. In February 2022 following Russian invasion to Ukraine Lazy Mike closed its space in Moscow. Since then, gallery do not participate in any public art events in Russia, including Cosmoscow fair, Art Russia Fair etc. In October 2022 the gallery relocated to Riga, Latvia.

Lazy Mike works with 11 artists. Gallery supported and organized multiple museum shows for gallery artists hosted by such institutions аs the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Gallery founders Mikhail Ovcharenko and Tina Stern support non-profit institutions and helped establish patron program for The Garage Museum.

The gallery has always been actively participating in international art fairs including Art Los Angeles Contemporary, NADA New York, Bordeaux Art+Design, ExpoChicago, Art Busan and KIAF.

International connections are very important for Lazy Mike as we believe that no matter what’s happening in the world the main role of art is to connect people and to help to get rid of the borders.
Lazy Mike gallery plans to continue to support and introduce our artists to Europe and the rest of the world.


+7 (999) 711-42-73 http://lazymike.art/