While passing through life, starting from our early childhood years, each and every one of us enhances our own fields of interest and identities. Some of us might be inspired by the skyscrapers in NY, or Mawlana, some by Greek philosophy or art, some by projections of the rules of chemistry and physics into our own areas, some by Zen Buddhism and some by post-modernism. And every artist picking his/her own bricks out of this endless ocean builds his/her creative life pyramid. The reason why we spelled “Piramid” in this letter sequence is that it reflects the way that fits all languages phonetically. This Piramid refers to the fact that the multi-colored and multi-cultural side of our world, which has become smaller today through the tools of communication and transportation, meets every human being in an original and singular character.

Inside every human, there must be a pyramid that has been built freely. Piramid is a meeting point of a laboratory of thoughts as well as active ideas that are universal, respectful to the past and also very confident towards the future of humanity. Placing itself at a same distance to the West and to the East and to the North and to the South, while havi0ng no fear or complex against nobody or no “institutional passport”, it is an original and authentic production, presentation and sharing arena for art and socio-political discussions. At Piramid, we greet life with enthusiasm, dedication and smiling faces.


Feridiye Cad. No:25, Taksim https://www.piramidsanat.com/