SGR Galería was founded in 2014, focusing primarily on Latin American contemporary art. Since
then, it has worked closely with young and emerging artists, always seeking to push their practices,
taking risks to stimulate the emergence of exhibitions and projects that lead to the constant
evolution of their work. For the gallery, it has been fundamental to grow hand in hand with the
artists it represents, showing a determined commitment to the development of their careers.

The artists with whom SGR Galería has worked over the years are characterized by developing
rigorous works with different levels of conceptual strategies. It has managed to represent proposals
that cover a wide spectrum between practices that are, on the one hand, mainly visual and, on the
other hand, mainly conceptual, thus being able to offer a perspective that shows the diversity and
complexity of the artistic discourses that are produced from Latin America today.

Through its program, SGR Galería has managed to create a synergy between the artists, the gallery,
its public, and the diverse cultural agents and allies with whom it collaborates. More than a
commercial space, the gallery is a cultural space where relevant conversations about contemporary
art in the region take place. From this place of dialogues and encounters, it aims to generate
experiences and knowledge that can be healing and produce well-being in society.


Carrera 24 # 77 - 55 Bogotá,Colombia +57 601 7623370 [email protected] https://sgr-art.com/