Yvonne Hohner Contemporary is the result of a collaboration with a fellow gallery owner. In August 2021 she decided to develop her own program and for this always curated exhibitions in collaboration with Anabel Roque Rodriguez.

The exhibitions always deal with artistic positions that work conceptually and always deal with socio-critical, political or climate-relevant themes and content. 

The techniques are very diverse from classical paintings and sculptures to artistic-craft and design-oriented works.

She shows artists with interesting stories and is always interested in stories of people from different cultures and with different perspectives. 

The fact is: Germany is a country where people with diverse biographies are part of society. Her gallery in Karlsruhe stands for art in dialogue with the world.

It shows the current collaboration with 13 artists with different intercultural influences.



Marienstr. 12 76137 Karlsruhe +49(0)176.610.64.566 [email protected] https://www.yvonne-hohner-galerie.com/