Aspan Gallery is a contemporary art gallery based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The gallery's mission is to represent and support multidisciplinary work by Central Asian artists through exhibitions, publications, residencies, educational programs and commissions.

In 2015, the gallery initiated a series of mid-career retrospectives of a number of Central Asian contemporary artists, held jointly by the A. Kasteev Museum of Arts and Aspan Gallery. These will be the first museum shows in Central Asia of these artists who, although internationally acclaimed, are little-known in their home countries.

The gallery’s focus on Central Asian contemporary art will be complemented by its international program which will introduce a wide range of contemporary art to Central Asia and provide a platform for its understanding and appreciation. We believe in the capacity of art to develop critical and creative thinking, and through that to transform and open up society.


Expo Villa, Villa Boutiques and Restaurants 140A Al-Farabi, Almaty 050020, Kazakhstan [email protected]