Contemporary İstanbul is thrilled to announce the vibrant and innovative 3rd edition of CI Bloom, set to take place at the LK Rumeli Hall from April 25 to 28. This year's fair promises to be a celebration of contemporary art, bringing together artists, galleries, and enthusiasts in the heart of Istanbul.

Renewed Art Scene in Turkey: CI Bloom Unveils Istanbul's Artistic Essence
The Turkish art scene is growing with the CI Bloom spring fair in Istanbul. Scheduled at the LK Rumeli Halls, the fair’s preview on April 24th and General Visits from April 25 to 28 will showcase the works of contemporary artists in Turkey, highlighting Istanbul as a hub for tourism and trade in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

CI Bloom Celebrates its 3rd Year: A Night of Art and Celebration
Marking its 3rd anniversary on March 1, 2024, CI Bloom will host a celebration at the residence of the Contemporary Istanbul Ambassador, the esteemed collector Lina Mikati. The event will be attended by Consul General Mr. Onur Şaylan, foreign collectors, press, and the founders of Zilberman and Sanatorium galleries from Turkey, along with CI Advisory Board Member Leyla Alaton.

CI Bloom Participant Galleries:
Art On Istanbul, İstanbul; Belm’art Space, Ankara Bozlu Art Project, İstanbul; brieflyart, İstanbul; BüroSarıgedik, İstanbul; C.A.M. Galeri,İstanbul; den art, Antalya; DifoArt, İstanbul; Dirimart, İstanbul; Galeri Bosfor, İstanbul; Galeri 77, İstanbul; Galeri Siyah Beyaz, Ankara; Muse Contemporary, İstanbul; One Arc Gallery, İstanbul; Pg Art Gallery, İstanbul; Pi Artworks, İstanbul, Londra; Piramid Sanat, İstanbul; Sanatorium, İstanbul; Simbart Projects, İstanbul; Taksim Sanat, İstanbul; Vision Art Platform, İstanbul; x-ist, İstanbul; Zilberman , İstanbul, Berlin, Miami; 10_12 Gallery, İstanbul

Institutions and Initiatives:

Contemporary Istanbul Vakfı, İstanbul; Koli Art Space, İstanbul; MAHAL, Çanakkale; NOKS Art Space, İstanbul

CI Bloom Goes Global: Media Coverage from Prestigious Outlets
With the participation of journalists from renowned media outlets such as The Art Newspaper, Widewalls, Architecture Review, Dezeen, Artnet, and more, CI Bloom will be featured in international cultural and art publications, ensuring global exposure.

Digital Art Experience and Exciting Performances: Spring Comes Alive at CI Bloom
This year, CI Bloom introduces a large-scale digital art experience on its second floor. The "Living Things" exhibition, in collaboration with DECOL and Ahmet Said Kaplan, offers a unique and impactful exploration of the concept of living beings. The exhibition will be complemented by DJ performances, creating an immersive experience for art lovers.

Green Transformation: CI Bloom's Commitment to Sustainability
Contemporary Istanbul embraces sustainability throughout the fair, aiming to reduce its carbon footprint and promote recycling. The fair incorporates environmentally friendly installation and fair operations, including reusable wall systems, energy-efficient LED lighting, and recycled corridor carpets.

 Join us in celebrating art, innovation, and sustainability at the 3rd CI Bloom. We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting showcase of contemporary Turkish art.


Preview Day

25 April 2024: 11.00-20.00 

General Admission Days

26-28 April 2024: 11.00-20.00