CI Bloom hosted 24 contemporary art galleries, 5 institutions and initiatives, 267 artists, and 568 artworks this year. The most significant aspect of the fair, which was visited by more than 25,000 people, was the inclusion of young artists. This provided an opportunity for the emerging generation of artists to showcase their works to art enthusiasts.

At the entrance of the Rumeli Halls of Lütfi Kırdar Congress and Exhibition Hall, we encountered a three-dimensional, canopy-like artwork designed by Murat Tabanlıoğlu. This piece reflected shadow movements found in nature.

In the digital art field, the "Living Things" production by DECOL brought together art and technology for art enthusiasts.

New media artist Ahmet Said Kaplan hosted the “Living Things” exhibition in collaboration with DECOL, offering viewers the opportunity to experience the concept of "living beings" in an immersive way. Ahmet Said Kaplan, co-founder and creative director of Turkey's first creative digital media collective DECOL, explored innovative ways and possibilities of human-computer interaction. Living Things examined the complex interaction between organic and inorganic worlds by focusing on concepts such as traditional life and artificial structures. Each installation demonstrated how technology could mimic, enhance, and interact with elements of the natural world. The structures engaged with were evolving, adaptive, dynamic, and responsive "things." Art enthusiasts had the chance to experience three major interactive installations in this field: Lumin, Floating Matter, and MiroraUnfold.

CI Bloom Participant Galleries:

Art On Istanbul, İstanbul; Belm’art Space, Ankara Bozlu Art Project,
İstanbul; brieflyart, İstanbul; BüroSarıgedik, İstanbul; C.A.M. Galeri,İstanbul; den art, Antalya; DifoArt, İstanbul; Dirimart, İstanbul; Galeri Bosfor, İstanbul; Galeri 77, İstanbul; Galeri Siyah Beyaz, Ankara; Muse Contemporary, İstanbul; One Arc Gallery, İstanbul; Pg Art Gallery, İstanbul; Pi Artworks, İstanbul, Londra; Piramid Sanat, İstanbul; Sanatorium, İstanbul; Simbart Projects, İstanbul; Taksim
Sanat, İstanbul; Vision Art Platform, İstanbul; x-ist, İstanbul; Zilberman , İstanbul, Berlin, Miami; 10_12 Gallery, İstanbul

Institutions and Initiatives:
Borusan Contemporary, İstanbul; Contemporary Istanbul Vakfı, İstanbul; Koli Art

Space, İstanbul; MAHAL, Çanakkale; NOKS Art Space, İstanbul

CI Bloom, with 3 young participant galleries and the artists they represented, increased diversity and dynamism in the sector by participating in the fair for the first time that year. New galleries and initiatives participating in CI Bloom for the first time that year included Brieflyart, Istanbul; Belm'art Space, Ankara; 10_12 Gallery, Istanbul and Mahal, Çanakkale (initiative)

Universal Everything Studio's work "1000 Hands" for the first time in Turkey

Additional presentations at the third edition of the fair included Borusan Automotive, the distributor of BMW in Turkey, which presented the New BMW X2 in collaboration with Borusan Contemporary and Universal Everything Studio's project "1000 Hands" at CI Bloom. The "1000 Hands" project by Universal Everything, featured in the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection, comprised interactive drawings created via a mobile application. A collaborative effort, the project continuously evolved in sync with the fluctuating tones of the background music.

LG OLED and Shepard Fairey Collaboration

LG OLED showcased its global collaboration with artist, social activist, and founder of the OBEY streetwear brand, Shepard Fairey, at the 3rd edition of CI Bloom. The exhibition highlighted selected works by Fairey that confronted some of the most pressing issues in contemporary society, presented on cutting-edge LG OLED screens. Blurring the boundaries between traditional and commercial art, Fairey articulated his critiques and reflections through prints, murals, stickers, and posters. Fairey asserted, "Art has not always aimed to be decorative or comforting; it can indeed spark challenging dialogues and evoke unsettling emotions."

House of Brothers Lounge

In partnership with Pernod Ricard Turkey, House of Brothers Lounge introduced a site- specific installation by the young artist Lal Batman at the 3rd CI Bloom. Featuring Lal Batman's new spatial installation "Blended Valley," House of Brothers Lounge combined video art, digital manipulation, sculpture, and oil painting using digital and plastic tools, showcasing the multidisciplinary artist's creative vision.

The third edition of CI Bloom presented significant exhibition Project from the Contemporary Istanbul Foundation including:

The Taviloğlu Collection: A Half-Century Journey

Inaugurated by Mustafa Taviloğlu in 1972, this collection has expanded steadily over 52 years, fueled by unwavering passion. Presented at 5 venues in September by the Contemporary Istanbul Foundation, the Taviloğlu Collection features 2400 works, including 300 pieces by 157 international artists. As a leading arts patron in Turkey, Taviloğlu's collection offers a diverse perspective, meticulously curated with an eye for artists, eras, and styles. Through this collection, Taviloğlu presents both a personal and objective narrative of art history, spanning five decades. The collection will be displayed for 4 months at various locations such as Istanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum, Feshane Artİstanbul, Gazhane Museum, İstanbul Sanat, Metrohan and İş Bankası Kibele Art Gallery.

CI Bloom, organized by Contemporary Istanbul, was proudly sponsored by BMW, distributed by Borusan Otomotiv, and presented in partnership with LG OLED, Turkish Airlines, and Miles & Smiles. Our gratitude was extended to our host partner, Pernod Ricard Turkey.